Anlin Pet Door Installation in Sacramento, CA

Installing, Repairing, and Replacing High-Quality Anlin Pet Doors for Our Customers in Placer County, Yolo County, Solano County, and El Dorado County

Pets are an integral part of our families, and ensuring their comfort and freedom is a priority for many homeowners. Installing pet doors is one way to offer our furry friends a better living standard. But not just any pet door will do. Anlin pet doors are designed specifically for your pets’ needs, providing a safe and easy passage while ensuring your home remains secure and energy-efficient.

Chriswell Home Improvements is proud to offer Anlin pet doors to our customers, offering them a blend of high-quality products and impeccable installation services that put your pet's needs at the forefront. We understand your concern for your pet’s comfort and freedom while recognizing the need to maintain the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your patio doors. With our expert team by your side, you can trust that we’ll offer a solution that beautifully balances these requirements, creating a perfect passage for your pets and adding another layer of convenience to your home life.


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Why Install a Pet Door?

Installing a pet door in your home can be a game-changer for both you and your pet. Pet doors provide a sense of independence to your pets, allowing them to come and go as they please. This can be especially helpful if your pets love exploring the outdoors or need to relieve themselves while you're away or occupied. It eliminates the constant need to open and close a door for your pet, thus saving you time and offering your pet the liberty to move freely.

Moreover, pet doors can contribute to your pet's overall health and happiness. Regular access to the outside can stimulate your pet's senses, provide a source of exercise, and prevent boredom - all essential for their well-being. On the other hand, from a homeowner's perspective, modern pet doors like those from Anlin are designed to maintain your home's security and energy efficiency.

They come with features like secure locking systems and weather-tight seals to ensure you don't compromise on your home's comfort and safety. Therefore, investing in a pet door is a win-win, addressing your pet's needs while adding convenience to your life.


Give your four-legged friends the freedom they deserve – call Chriswell Home Improvements at (916) 999-0171 to request the installation of a high-quality Anlin pet door!

Anlin Has a Door for Every Pet and Every Home

Anlin understands the diverse needs of pet owners and offers pet doors in an array of colors that can seamlessly blend with your home decor, and in four different sizes, all tailor-made to accommodate cats and dogs of all breeds. Each pet door is designed with care and precision to promote your pet's comfort and the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Every Anlin pet door comes with:

  • A heavy-duty frame: Built to withstand the test of time, offering unfailing durability.
  • A flap with magnetic closures: Ensures a secure closure after your pet passes through, maintaining the indoor temperature.
  • A high-density weatherstrip: This feature protects your interiors from weather elements, ensuring your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient.
  • A closure panel and latch: These can be employed to keep your pets indoors when needed, offering flexibility and control.
  • A slim design: Thoughtfully designed not to impede door function, ensuring your doors can still open and close smoothly and fully, even with the closure panel and latch in place.
Pet door sizes

With Anlin, you get a pet door that significantly improves your pet's quality of life while perfectly complementing your home's aesthetics and functionality.

Whether your best friend is a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, Anlin has the perfect pet door for them – and Chriswell Home Improvements has the skills to install it. Call (916) 999-0171 or contact us online to request service in Placer County, Yolo County, Solano County, or El Dorado County!

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