Exterior Coating Systems in Sacramento

Giving Customers in Placer, Yolo, Solano, and El Dorado Counties an Extra Layer of Protection

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to protect your home and keep your family comfortable? Tex-Cote® Coolwall exterior wall coating systems from Chriswell Home Improvements may be exactly what you need.

What is an exterior wall coating system? It’s a protective layer that helps you avoid constant repainting, lasting for years into the future. The coating is thick and durable, with a limited factory warranty to protect the exterior against peeling, chipping, and flaking for long-lasting beauty!

At Chriswell Home Improvements, we use high-quality coating systems from the experts at Tex-Cote®. Their team has fully trained our technicians in the use and application of their uniquely formulated coating systems. When you invest in a coating system from Chriswell Home Improvements, you’re investing in great service, a trusted product, and a better protected home.

To learn more about our roof coating systems and request a free estimate, call our Sacramento office at (916) 999-0171 today!

Our Exterior Wall Coating Options

Tex-Cote® Coolwall

Chriswell Home Improvements partners with technicians who are trained and certified by Tex-Cote® in the application of both Coolwall® and Cool-Tec® systems.

Having these coating systems installed by manufacturer-trained professionals ensures installations that are aligned with all Tex-Cote® best-practice installation policies.

The Coolwall coating system uses heat-reflection technology pioneered by the United States military to prevent heat absorption and keep indoor spaces cool. This helps you stay comfortable without overworking your air conditioner, lowering energy costs. The Department of Energy has even recognized the Coolwall’s temperature-control qualities, so you can trust that you’ll see a noticeable difference in your indoor climate.

In addition to standard protection and solar reflection abilities, the Coolwall roof coating system also has fade block protection to keep your roof looking great. It is eco-friendly, durable, and designed to save you money in the long run. Best of all, it comes in multiple colors to easily match your style and vision and is designed to last a lifetime without constantly repainting your exterior walls.

The Benefits of Exterior Wall Coating

  • Strong, durable walls – Coatings can seal small cracks and add an extra layer of protection to your exterior walls, reinforcing and making them more capable of standing up to the elements.
  • Cost-effective climate control – Tex-Cote® coating systems have reflective properties that can help stabilize your home’s internal temperature.
  • A more efficient home – The climate-control properties that wall coatings offer allow you to be more efficient in your HVAC usage and keep your energy costs low.
  • A lower carbon footprint – Coating systems help you waste less energy and resources on repairs, HVAC, and more, helping your home stay green.
  • An easier future – Coating systems can increase the longevity of exterior walls by protecting them from damage, which reduces the need for repairs and repainting.

Chriswell Home Improvements offers strong, reliable Tex-Cote® coating systems to customers in Placer County, Yolo County, El Dorado Hills, and all of the surrounding areas. Call (916) 999-0171 or reach out to us online today to request a free estimate!

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"Started on time and finished in one day. Site was clean and window installation and siding repair was great."

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"I just got James Hardie fiber cement siding on my house and it looks absolutely beautiful and I love it! Bryan and his crew did a outstanding job and were very helpful. The guys even took my groceries in one day.... thank you so much!!!"

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