Eco-Friendly Decking

Enhance Your Sacramento Outdoor Entertainment Space with Eco-Friendly Decking: Sustainable Materials, Low Environmental Impact, and Lasting Beauty

At Chriswell Home Improvement, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier services that prioritize quality, durability, and sustainability. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our use of superior and eco-friendly Trex® Decking material made of 95% reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. By incorporating composite decking materials into our projects, we guarantee you an outdoor living space that is not only customized to your style preference but also withstand the diverse climate of Sacramento for years to come.

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Why Build With Eco-Friendly Decking?

Sustainable products in your construction projects contribute to creating a healthier environment for yourself, your family, and the planet. Utilizing recycled materials minimizes waste that would otherwise harm the Earth while choosing longer-lasting products helps break the cycle of frequent replacements.

Although Trex® Decking may be costly, its extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements result in significant long-term savings. Building with eco-friendly products such as Trex® Decking enhances your outdoor living space and aligns with our broader commitment to preserving the planet for the future.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Decking?

  • Eco-Friendly: Trex® Composite Decking is an eco-friendly choice, as it incorporates recycled plastics and wood to reduce deforestation.
  • Durability: Composite decking is highly resistant to warping, cracking, and rotting, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional wood decking.
  • Low-Maintenance: It requires minimal upkeep compared to wood, eliminating the need for staining, sealing, or painting. In fact, you can clean it with just soap and water!
  • Pest Resistance: Composite decking is not susceptible to insect infestations, unlike wood, which can be damaged by termites and other pests.
  • Safety: It provides a consistently smooth and splinter-free surface, enhancing safety and comfort for families and guests.
  • Style Selections & Color Options: Composite decking comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing for customization to match any aesthetic preference.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: The reduced maintenance and longer lifespan of composite decking result in overall cost savings and increased home value.

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"Highly recommend Chriswell they are friendly and honest. They didn't try to talk me into anything I couldn't afford. And they were able to get my roof financed. Joy was very personable and answered all my questions and concerns."


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"I just got James Hardie fiber cement siding on my house and it looks absolutely beautiful and I love it! Bryan and his crew did a outstanding job and were very helpful. The guys even took my groceries in one day.... thank you so much!!!"

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