Thinking Of Installing Vinyl Siding? Here Are Five Benefits To Consider!

Did you know installing vinyl siding made its debut across the U.S. in the late 1950s? The first vinyl siding product was horrible. It warped when it got too hot. It cracked when it got too cold. The vinyl was unable to stand the test of time. Over the next few decades, vinyl siding saw some innovative upgrades, which lead to its eventual popularity today. Over 32 percent of all new-home construction utilizes vinyl siding due to its durability and aesthetics. In this post, we’ll share the top benefits to using vinyl siding for your home. Continue reading to learn more!

Five Vinyl Siding Benefits

It Costs Less

The overall cost of installing vinyl siding compared to other materials like Hardie-board or wood is lower. In some cases, vinyl siding costs can be up to 30 percent less expensive than wood or Hardie. If you’re a DIY person, you can cut labor costs, which reduces overall costs significantly; however, we strongly suggest you have a certified and trained siding contractor install your siding for you.

It’s Versatile

Vinyl siding does more than cover the outside of your home; it also offers a variety of colors and styles. Do you like the look of cedar shakes but don’t want to pay for it? You can find a vinyl alternative. Prefer the aesthetic of wood? There’s a vinyl replacement for that, too. You can find the perfect exterior for your dream home when you choose vinyl.

It’s Durable

Although vinyl siding started out somewhat flimsy, upgrades and innovations have made it an extremely tough product. It can withstand high winds, heavy rainfall, and seasonal weather. If your vinyl siding does get damaged, it’s exceptionally easy to replace.

It’s Maintenance Free

Unless your siding sustains damage or you weather a storm that dirties your panels, vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free. Unlike with wood, Hardie, or other materials, you will spend less time maintaining vinyl siding, which means more time spent with family, friends, and colleagues.

It Reduces Utility Costs

You can purchase insulated vinyl siding which adds to your home’s energy efficiency. Alongside aesthetics like color and style, your insulated vinyl siding will work to cut your utility costs with virtually no maintenance. In most homes, insulation is installed between the studs, but air “bleeds” between the small spaces between the studs and the insulation. Siding helps reduce this when the air makes it to the exterior shell of your home. Save money with your siding and spend it elsewhere — like for a personal night out, an activity with family, or an event with friends.

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