Choosing The Best Exterior Paint

A house is the greatest asset and the happiest place that keeps you safe and secure. But as the exterior walls are exposed to direct sunlight and rainfall, its paint flakes off, and at times even cracks develop in the walls. So have you ever wondered how to protect your house from weather conditions that bring down its beauty and value?

Well, the only proficient and effortless way to protect your house from getting slugged is to cover it with the best exterior paint. One such paint that fits perfectly into this category is the CoolWall Tex-Cote Paint.

What is Tex-Cote Paint?

CoolWall Tex Cote Paint is one of the most advanced and high-built water-based acrylic terpolymers with all the properties to provide superior protection to previously coated surfaces. What’s unique about Tex-Cote Paint is that it uses heat reflection technology that alters the invisible portion of the light spectrum.

Besides, Tex-Cote paint uses the same heat-reflective technology that military vehicles, planes, and even ships use to reduce heat signatures. Surprisingly, with its great ability to reflect light, the surface temperature can be lowered by as much as 40-degrees F. As a result, there will be less expansion and contraction stress on the coating, and the heat is reflected without affecting the color of the wall.

Protect, Decorate, Save!

Tex-Cote Paint comes with amazing features. It not only protects your walls from rainfall, wind, and snow but also shields it from harmful ultraviolet rays and pollution. Counted as the best exterior paint, it will last for decades to come without requiring another coating or waterproofing layer. Naturally, it will save you both time and money while your sweet home withstands your darkest nightmares.

With so many unique features, there’s barely a doubt that Cool Wall Tex-Cote paint is the best exterior paint for your lovely home. You may put on a single coating to give a semi-gloss finish or two coats for a high gloss finish. And when it comes to colors, a wide range of options is available to choose from.

Although all the colors of Tex-Cote Paints come embedded with cooling technology, white is preferred the most as it naturally absorbs significant solar radiation. Besides, the paint is made with recycled “green” products with low Volatile Organic Contents, which reduce cooling. Consequently, this advanced coating of paint will help you save on costly air-conditioning bills.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, CoolWall Tex-Cote paint is the most reliable and beautiful way to protect the house’s exterior from the vagaries of the weather. In fact, you can save yourself from the yearly ritual and hassles of getting the walls painted every year. So, without a delay or second thoughts, it’s time to renovate and transform your valuable asset with this one time-investment and a highly durable solution. Check out our YouTube Channel for more information or contact Chriswell Home Improvements, today.

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