Caring for Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Your Sacramento Home: Essential Tips

Investing in premium flooring can enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen, bathroom, or mud room, adding sophistication and durability. Proper care and maintenance of your Vinyl Tile or Luxury Vinyl Planks are essential to ensure that the flooring retains its beauty for years to come. One of the perks of luxury vinyl flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for households with children and pets.

Emser Tile provides a wide range of luxury flooring options at Chriswell Home Improvements that fit any space and budget, whether a high-traffic area or a peaceful sanctuary. A proper maintenance routine can preserve your flooring's durability and ensure it withstands daily wear and tear. Whether you're exploring different types of flooring or looking for maintenance tips for your existing flooring, this guide will assist you in learning how to take care of Emcore by Emser Tile's ( LVT) Luxury Vinyl Tile and (LVP) Luxury Vinyl Planks.

How to Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring:

  1. To ensure your luxury vinyl is protected, it is recommended to clean your SPC floor with a luxury vinyl floor cleaner and a microfiber mop.
  2. Using a steam cleaner on your SPC floor is not recommended.
  3. When spills occur, remove them from the floor immediately.
  4. It is advisable to use felt pads or coaster protectors to avoid damaging your vinyl floor due to furniture and chair legs. Ensure that chairs with casters have soft neoprene wheels appropriate for vinyl flooring. If the casters are hard or made of plastic, replace them with soft wheels specifically designed for use on vinyl floors. Moreover, consider using a suitable desk mat to provide additional protection.
  5. Never drag heavy items of furniture over the floor; always lift instead. Make sure furniture legs have a large surface area in contact with the floor and are affixed with non-staining floor protectors. The taller and wider the furniture feet are, the greater the disbursement of weight, which helps avoid damage to the floor.
  6. Ensure the interior room temperature is always maintained between 55°F - 85°F (13°-30°C). Three Season Rooms can be maintained between 0°F - 140°F (-17 and 40°C).

If you're considering luxury vinyl flooring for your kitchen or bathroom renovation in Sacramento or surrounding areas, contact us for an in-home consultation. We also offer innovative features and high-quality products to match your interior design style.

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