6 Easy Home Improvements To Lower Energy Costs

It’s time to pay bills and you are looking for easy home improvements! After all, you close windows when you have heat or air running and you try not to run the air conditioner or heater too often. Our expert roofers and window installers at Chriswell Home Improvement, Inc., have some easy but effective suggestions for how you can lower energy costs through home improvements as simple as replacement windows.

1. Install Ceiling Fans

You can install a ceiling fan easily and buy one fairly inexpensively. By regularly using a ceiling fan, you’ll keep the room at a comfortable temperature and reduce your energy bill. This is a simple fix, but can make a big difference over time.

2. Replace Old Windows

You can easily increase home energy efficiency and reduce monthly energy bills by replacing your old windows. Get rid of that draft coming in and stop air from escaping with a vinyl window from Alside, an ENERGY STAR® partner. Through multiple panes of glass, inert gas fills, warm-edge spacers, and more, you’ll have better energy efficiency in your home and less air going out through that one window. Our expert window installers can help you get new windows in place and save you money.

3. Install New Doors

You want to avoid hollow doors around the house because heat will enter and escape easily through the doorways. There are different things to look for in energy-efficient doors, such as the R-value or whether it swings or slides. We’re happy to offer fusion-welded exterior doors that are known for their strength and durability. They’ll greatly limit how much heat enters and escapes your home, and have fast turnaround times — just reach out to us and we’ll finish the job quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your home.

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4. Use A Programmable Thermostat

Your programmable thermostat will control your home’s cooling and heating for you in summer and winter, and is typically more accurate than a regular thermostat. It has different settings for when you’re home, asleep, or away, and you can make the settings match your family’s needs and schedule. It should automatically reduce heating and cooling when you don’t need as much, which will help you save money. You can even get a smart thermostat that works with Amazon Alexa voice control or that you can control from your phone.

5. Install Cool Roofing

Another one of the easy home improvements is installing cool roofing on your home; with cool roofing (and siding) you’ll reduce the heat that transfers in and out of your home, which will make your home cooler on hot summer days and warmer on cold winter days. You won’t have to use as much energy, and your bill will reflect that!

6. Use Energy-Efficient Paint

The exterior paint on your home may not seem like the first place to start to decrease energy consumption, but it shouldn’t be neglected. Our COOLWALL® product, made by TEX∙COTE®, is designed to reflect the sun’s heat. This will, in turn, reduce the temperature in your home and therefore your energy bill. COOLWALL® is 10 times thicker than paint, reflects UV rays, and won’t chip, flake, or peel.

It’s normal to be looking for ways to decrease your energy bill, and we’re glad you’re starting here. Chriswell Home Improvement, Inc., is a veteran-owned home improvement company and we want to help you improve your home in any way possible. If that means making it more energy efficient and you’re in the Sacramento area, then we’re thrilled to help you. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment or to get more information on energy-saving home improvement ideas. If you’d like more information, check out our YouTube Channel.

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