Choose The Right Roof With This Roofing Materials Guide


Choosing shingles (or other roof coverings) is about more than just protection and aesthetics. When you choose a roofing material, you are getting protection, but you’re also making a choice about how easily your roof can be repaired and how long it is likely to last. When it comes down to it, the decisions you make about materials during a roof installation or replacement can have a rippling impact for years to come. Start with this guide to different roofing materials to help you make the right decision based on your needs.

General Considerations

Before we dive into the differences of various roofing materials, there are a few considerations that apply to most situations. When choosing new roofing materials, you’ll need to keep in mind:

Material weight — some roofing options require special framing to support them.

Fire codes — these vary from one area to the next. Your roofers can help you determine local fire code restrictions.

Weather — consider local climate. Roofing needs will be different in Minnesota or New York than they will be here in Sacramento.

Asphalt Shingles

This is one of the most common roofing options, and one you’ll see on homes across the country. It’s one of the less-expensive roofing options, easy to install, and available in a wide range of colors. The trade-off is that it’s not one of the more durable options. It can be easily replaced, but you’ll need to keep up with regular care and maintenance to help it last the full lifespan — which is generally around 20 years.

Clay or Concrete Tiles

Clay tiles are another common roofing material, especially around Sacramento (and the rest of California). They offer a scalloped or ribbed look for your roof, though some concrete tiles can lay flat. Both clay and concrete tiles are also a very durable roofing material, so you can expect a lifespan of multiple decades, up to around 50 years. However, the trade-off is that both types of tiles are heavy and require extra support.

Metal Roofing

This type of roof is why we can’t just call all roofing options “shingles.” Yes, there are metal shingles out there, but the more common option is metal paneling. They are available in a few different materials, including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Most metal roofing is light but incredibly durable. However, if something strikes your roof and dents a seam, roofers may need to replace a much larger section of roof than, say, asphalt shingles.

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Slate and Wood

Both of these natural shingles are less common options around Sacramento. Both provide a unique look, but little to no color customization. Wood shakes and shingles are a particular concern when it comes to fire code — they may not be allowed in your area because of the fire danger of dry wood. Slate shingles are, arguably, the most durable option out there, but they are also heavy and costly.
Want to learn more? Your local roofers can help you figure out the best option for your Sacramento home. Contact Chriswell Home Improvements, Inc. today to get started.

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