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How To Choose Replacement Windows: Features To Focus On

Choose Replacement Windows You may want to choose replacement windows,  if your home is more than a handful of years old and you’ve probably started seeing signs that time is taking its toll. If your home has reached multiple decades, it may need more than a paint touch-up. Issues like peeling paint, missing shingles, and windows that stick are all signs that your home needs some love if you want it to continue to stand…

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6 Easy Home Improvements To Lower Energy Costs

It’s time to pay bills and you are looking for easy home improvements! After all, you close windows when you have heat or air running and you try not to run the air conditioner or heater too often. Our expert roofers and window installers at Chriswell Home Improvement, Inc., have some easy but effective suggestions for how you can lower energy costs through home improvements as simple as replacement windows. 1. Install Ceiling Fans You…

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Replacement Windows: 5 signs to consider.

Thinking about replacement windows? Think about this; On a sunny day, maybe you stop and realize that your windows could use a quick once-over with Windex. Other than the occasional streak, most of us don’t give much thought to our windows. They’re there and they serve their purpose, so there isn’t much reason to worry — that is, until they stop working well. If you have older windows, they may be nearing the end of…

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