How To Choose Replacement Windows: Features To Focus On

Choose Replacement Windows

You may want to choose replacement windows,  if your home is more than a handful of years old and you’ve probably started seeing signs that time is taking its toll. If your home has reached multiple decades, it may need more than a paint touch-up. Issues like peeling paint, missing shingles, and windows that stick are all signs that your home needs some love if you want it to continue to stand strong for years to come.

Your windows help keep the heat out during our hot summers we experience here in Sacramento, which is no small feat. They also help light up your rooms during the day and protect against wind and rain. But that’s all, right? Not so much. Windows do all of that, but they help keep pests and intruders out and can affect how hard your HVAC system has to work. Not too shabby for some panes of glass supported in a frame. If your windows stick, either open or closed, the frame is coming away from your house, or they’re only single-paned, it’s probably about time to choose replacement windows. Here are some features to find to enjoy the best long-term quality for your money:

Framing Material

Modern windows are available with frames made from aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass, though wood frames are becoming less common because they aren’t quite as durable and require more upkeep. What you’ll want to look for in terms of the frame are durability, insulation, and cost. Aluminum frames will generally be less expensive, but they don’t provide as much insulation as vinyl or fiberglass. Vinyl will typically be the next step up in terms of durability, followed by fiberglass.

Glass Factors

When you go to choose replacement windows, you’ll be hard-pressed to find single-paned windows most of the time, because they don’t provide much in the way of insulation. Double- or triple-paned glass provides much better insulation, to the point that it can have a pretty big impact on your monthly energy expenses. There are also window options that are filled with an inert gas between the glass, warm-edge spacers, and multiple-chambered mainframes to provide even more insulating power. With brands like Anlin and Milgard, all of those elements combine to create replacement windows with Energy Star® ratings. When comparing different replacement window options, take into account the energy efficiency, and the savings on your energy bill you’re likely to see.

Climate Considerations

The other big factor to keep in mind for windows is what your climate calls for. For example, here in the Sacramento area, keeping the cool air in and the heat out during the summer can be a hefty task. Some window options come with specialty coatings that help block UV rays from entering your home without impeding the level of light. This means less likelihood that paint or art that sits in the sunlight all day will fade.

If you want to learn more about how to choose replacement windows, you can check out our YouTube channel or just contact us for a free estimate. Give us a call to learn more about energy efficient replacement windows and to schedule a consultation to determine whether your windows need to be replaced.