Introducing the Solaria advanced PowerXT

solar panel. Our commitment to energy-efficiency and sustainability go beyond our offerings for reflective shingles for your roof. With the addition of Solaria Solar Panels your home will not only reduce your monthly energy bill you will reduce your carbon footprint for the lifetime of your home. For nearly twenty years, Solaria has set the pace for solar panel performance, efficiency, reliability, quality and design. Solaria continues to leverage its patented technology, engineering expertise and sophisticated automation into creating one of the most attractive, energy efficient solar panels available on the market today.
Solaria’s high-output solar panels deliver maximum energy production in a streamlined, all-black design that complements your home’s architectural style. With more than 20% more energy per square meter than traditional solar panels, Solaria’s advanced PowerXT panels pack maximum power into minimum space for industry-leading efficiency. Enjoy clean, reliable power day in and day out, backed by a 25-year warranty.


Ultimately, regardless of whether you’re looking at finances or carbon emissions, a solar panel system will generate big savings for homeowners for a lifetime and reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!