COOLWALL® by TEX•COTE® is an exterior coating system

The exterior coating systems, can be applied to various surfaces of a home to reduce surface temperature. COOLWALL®, for example, is a TEX•COTE® product we use that is applied to exterior walls. Unlike ordinary paint or wall coatings, COOLWALL® reflects the sun’s heat and reduces the surface temperature of the wall to which it is applied. Reducing the surface temperature of an exterior wall lessens the amount of heat transferred into the home and the amount of energy required by the home’s air conditioner to cool the home’s interior. As a result, COOLWALL® can help homeowners in the Sacramento, CA, area lower their monthly energy bills.

Chriswell Home Improvements, Inc., partners with technicians who are trained and certified by TEX•COTE® in the application of COOLWALL®. Having these coating systems installed by manufacturer-trained professionals ensures installations that are aligned with all TEX•COTE® best-practice installation policies.

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